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Chantelle Erickson is a powerhouse entrepreneur, devoted mom, and fierce advocate for women's empowerment. Originally from the Greater Toronto Area, she now resides in Lethbridge, Alberta, and serves women across the nation.

Chantelle ignites passion through her vibrant fitness, financial, and life coaching business. She's not just about workouts or financial literacy; she's about creating a tribe, especially for pre and postnatal moms, offering inclusive and personalized programs and coaching. Chantelle has been married to her other half for over 18 years. Together they raise two kids, Adelaide and Remington. With Chantelle in your corner, there's no limit to what you can achieve – she's all about helping women discover their inner badass and live life to the fullest.

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A true Gemini, Chantelle thrives on change, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. 

A solid Enneagram 8/7 Wing, Chantelle can be described as “The Challenger” or “The Leader.” Eights are fiercely protective of those they care about and are driven to confront injustice and assert their power in pursuit of fairness and integrity. Chantelle believes in people being “seen” and everyone having equal opportunity in life. 

Chantelle began her career in the world of fitness as a key player in elevating small businesses with her larger than life personality and ability to lift an entire room up with her positive energy. She took her wisdom and knowledge to create her own fitness community and helping people soar to new heights with her life experiences and tenacious drive.  

Chantelle wants to take her life wisdom and help you navigate through your personal peaks and valleys of life. 

She want to help you hone in on your greatest values and help you build a life and career around those values, so that you truly live your life to its fullest. 


Chantelle has 11 years of experience as a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and pre and postnatal specialist. She has expertise in pelvic floor health, pregnancy loss, and exercising/running through pregnancy. 

Chantelle is a certified Merrithew Pilates Barre instructor, certified spin instructor, qualified TRX instructor, certified Concept2 row instructor, and a USECA Ultrarunning Coach certification. 

Chantelle is a certified running coach and has been running for 19 years. She has personally accomplished distances up to 100k, including multi-day stage races in various locations, including Lethbridge, AB, Golden, BC, Kimberly BC and Moab, Utah and has a lot of experience training for races pre and postnatally. 

Chantelle has made it to the podium a few times, including 3rd (under 40) at the Fernie Half Marathon (2016), 3rd (under 40) at the Coulee Cactus Crawl (2021 and 2019) and 3rd (under 40) at the Lost Soul Ultra (2019) where she qualified for Western States with her 100k finish. It looks like Chantelle’s lucky podium number is 3rd! Chantelle still has her sights set on Western States as an ultimate accomplishment to her running career. 

Chantelle backpacked 70 miles across the Bob Marshall Wilderness in 5 days living out of her backpack, which, to date, was one of her greatest accomplishments. 

Chantelle has been a regular freelance contributor for Canadian Running magazine for 4 years and her articles, including a personal featured story, have been in print and featured on Apple News. 

Chantelle doesn’t believe you should exercise for the sole gain of a better physical appearance. She believes that the best version of yourself can be discovered through the vehicle of exercise and that action oriented goals champion appearance oriented goals. 


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Chantelle is a licensed Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor and holds a license with the Alberta Insurance Council, Saskatchewan Insurance Council and Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario. 

Chantelle knows what it takes to build a strong financial home, brick-by-brick. A first generation Canadian from a Jamaican immigrant family, Chantelle grew up in a single-parent home, put herself through post secondary, purchased her first home at age 22, moved three provinces and went from being an employee to an entrepreneur. She has what it takes to help you build something from nothing, to start over or to make a plan that will effectively take you to your financial goals in a specified amount of time. 


shauna gregus

carsyn wright

Shauna, mom of one, has been an active Baby Mama since 2023. Her journey with yoga began after university when she found herself needing direction. From her first yoga class, she fell head over heels for the practice and its transformative power. In 2016, Shauna embarked on her first yoga training, and since then she has continued to deepen her knowledge and skills through studies in India, Vancouver, and Thailand. With a belief that yoga has something to offer every body–physically, emotionally, and mentally–Shauna is passionate about guiding others to unlock their full potential. Shauna teaches pop-up yoga classes on the Baby Mama schedule. 

Carsyn is the sweetest soul with the biggest heart to see you find your sweet spot. With over a decade of workout experience and five years specializing in personal training, he has guided individuals towards their fitness goals at all stages of their journey. Certified in mobility, kettlebells, program design and barbell training, Cary tailors workouts to seamlessly fit into client’ routines. With a pro card in natural bodybuilding earned through victory in five competitions, he is committed to delivering tangible results, but is most passionate about helping beginners and fitness enthusiasts take it to the next level. Carsyn builds virtual personal training programs and holds you accountable to your goals.

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samantha davies

KEVYNN marthaller

Samantha, mom of two, aka Administrative Queen is an OG Baby Mama circa 2017. Samantha is a jack of all trades and has previously owned her own day home and currently owns her own professional organizing business, All-Ways Organized, where she completely transforms people’s homes and lives! Samantha is also a social media wiz kid and an executive assistant for Knap Creative. If it requires organizing and communication, this Enneagram 8/Virgo has your back. Samantha will handle all your questions and inquiries and organizes all the virtual challenges to ensure you are having the best experience possible. 

Kevynn, mom of two, is the very first Baby Mama gone fitness instructor! Kevynn completed her Business Accounting Diploma in 2013 and shortly after realized that desk job was not her dream. She went on to complete her Correctional Diploma in 2015 and has been working as a full- time CO for a decade. While on maternity leave in 2023, Kev decided to take that next step and become a Certified Personal Trainer and a certified pre and post natal fitness specialist, as she believes fitness is an important part of a great physical and mental wealth. She understands that balance, discipline and consistency are key and she is here to help motivate and guide you through your fitness journey. Kev loves heavy lifting and pushing boundaries to build endurance. Kev coaches fitness classes, small group training, virtual challenges and builds custom virtual personal training programs. Least fav exercise: Pull Ups and Step-Ups

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chantelle erickson

Chantelle Erickson, mom of two and founder and OG Be Well Chantelle trainer (but you know that by now), is a leading figure in holistic fitness, specializing in empowering moms through exercise. With over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal specialist, she holds certifications in Pilates, spin, TRX, and Concept2 rowing. An accomplished ultramarathoner and adventurous backpacker, Chantelle's podium finishes and endurance feats highlight her commitment to pushing boundaries. As a freelance contributor for Canadian Running magazine, her insightful narratives resonate with audiences seeking holistic wellness. Chantelle's philosophy emphasizes action-oriented goals over physical appearance, guiding clients toward self-discovery and well-being.

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Michele’s journey into fitness began in 2014 when she became a licensed Zumba instructor before moving down to Mexico to work at a resort. When she moved back to Canada, she continued to expand her repertoire by becoming a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and spin instructor, while also adding additional Zumba specialties. She took her STRONG training in 2018, not long after the program was introduced, and has been hooked ever since – STRONG is the perfect blend of the rhythm and party that makes Zumba so fun and the strength and agility training elements of other formats.

Michele is a first time mom to her son, Finn, and a dog mom to her Great Pyrenees, Jake. Michele has loved being a part of the Be Well community and is so excited to be able to share a fitness program that she is so passionate about!

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Enneagram 8, Fiercely Gemini, Jamaican-Italian, First Gen Canadian, ultramarathoning, backpacking, mountain biking, aspiring author, mountains, sunrises, strong cups of coffee, the colour purple, previous school council chair, dance and Tae Kwon Do mom, furthest thing from a DIYer, wildflower lover, 90s R & B and hip-hop lover, socks are her nemesis, running with her dog, must eat something dark green daily. 

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July 2 to August 25, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15- 6:15 pm at the Sugarbowl.
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For the areas she doesn’t specialize in, [Chantelle] has a number of allies in the financial industry that she refers to ensure her clients are always taken care of by the best of the best. She understands the waves of emotion that are linked to our finances and is never judgemental (unlike most bank employees).

Thanks again for all your expertise, advice and help! You are so good at what you do and have changed my life to a point where I don’t have to worry about money like I used to. 

You have changed my life to the point where i don't have to worry about money...

Baby mama has been one of the best things about my move to Lethbridge! Not only do I feel stronger and more physically fit, I have found a community and I feel empowered. Just love the environment Chantelle has created so much!

i have found a community and i feel empowered

I joined this class while pregnant with my 3rd. It was so wonderful to find a place that welcomes the chaos of multiple children. Chantelle knew who I was when I came in and made me feel welcome from day 1. So glad to be a Baby Mama!

CHantelle made me feel welcome from day one.

I’ve never really understood finances and held the belief that I just “wasn’t good with money.” When I was ready to switch my mindset, Chantelle was there to show me how to make it happen. She helped me see that I’m doing a lot better than I perceived and got my partner and I motivated to sit down and look at our finances together. Now I feel like I’m part of the team when it comes to my family's financial health and I have a great plan in place to reach all of my goals. 

now i have a great plan in place to reach my goals

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