Virtual fitness training programs that offer personalized workout plans and coaching sessions tailored to each client's individual needs and goals.  Chantelle specializes in pre and postnatal fitness, but works with men and women at all ages and stages, and will build your program to accommodate your stage of life. Chantelle and her team create a supportive and inclusive environment where you can prioritize your strength and well-being from where and when makes sense for you. Through the app, Trainerize, your trainer will tailor a fitness plan specific to you, including demos, checkins, regular support, and more.


monthly virtual training plans tailored to you and your goals.


Customized for working moms with limited time to exercise, busy stay-at-home moms seeking to squeeze in a workout during nap time, or for beginners eager to delve into the realm of personal training. Ideal for those months when you're aiming to reestablish a routine, reinstate healthy habits, enhance your training for an endurance challenge, maintain self-care as you transition back to work, or prepare for that well-deserved vacation!

three months

PRICE: $499 + GST

  • Investment of $166/month
  • Program delivered through Trainerize app
  • Daily app checklists and video demos for every exercise
  • Unlimited messaging with trainer
  • 5 PDF workouts of choice upon completion of programming

Ideal for clients seeking to advance their fitness journey and reap the rewards of enhanced body composition, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle mass, boosted confidence, and bolstered mental well-being. Progressively tackle more demanding exercises and lift heavier weights to establish a solid foundation for enhanced performance. Perfect for individuals with long-term weight loss objectives, recovering from injury, preparing for a special event, or navigating prenatal/postnatal fitness to ensure a safe, healthy, and active pregnancy or to regain strength and stamina post-delivery.

The program features personalized one-on-one virtual sessions with your trainer, providing an opportunity to receive valuable feedback on form and dietary choices, adjust your goals as needed, uncover effective tips and strategies to maintain progress, and receive extra encouragement and support from a dedicated trainer invested in your success.

six months

PRICE: $1199 + GST

  • Investment of $199/month
  • Program delivered through Trainerize app
  • Daily app checklists and video demos for every exercise
  • Unlimited messaging with trainer
  • Request to move workouts around to compliment changes in personal schedule
  • 10 PDF workouts of choice upon completion of programming
  • 6 x 30 min virtual meetings with your trainer (one per month)

Perfect for committed exercisers with targeted long-term objectives, whether it's weight loss, preparing for a competitive event, or for individuals dedicated to the gym seeking structured plans to consistently progress toward their strength and performance goals, day in and day out.

twelve months

PRICE: $2199 + GST

  • Investment of $183.25/month
  • Program delivered through Trainerize app
  • Daily app checklists and video demos for every exercise
  • Unlimited messaging with trainer
  • Request to move workouts around to compliment changes in personal schedule
  • 15 PDF workouts of choice upon completion of programming
  • 12 x 30 min virtual meetings with your trainer (one per month)

In addition to virtual training, BWC hosts 30 day challenges throughout the year, each themed to emphasize a unique aspect of fitness, self-care, or holistic growth. These challenges offer participants a structured and supportive environment to focus on specific goals, whether it's improving fitness levels, practicing mindfulness, or cultivating healthy habits. Through check-ins, motivation, and accountability, and prizes,participants are encouraged to stay consistent and committed to their personal development journey.



carsyn wright

Carsyn is the sweetest soul with the biggest heart to see you find your sweet spot. With over a decade of workout experience and five years specializing in personal training, he has guided individuals towards their fitness goals at all stages of their journey. Certified in mobility, kettlebells, program design and barbell training, Cary tailors workouts to seamlessly fit into client’ routines. With a pro card in natural bodybuilding earned through victory in five competitions, he is committed to delivering tangible results, but is most passionate about helping beginners and fitness enthusiasts take it to the next level. Carsyn builds virtual personal training programs and holds you accountable to your goals.

KEVYNN marthaller

Kevynn, mom of two, is the very first Baby Mama gone fitness instructor! Kevynn completed her Business Accounting Diploma in 2013 and shortly after realized that desk job was not her dream. She went on to complete her Correctional Diploma in 2015 and has been working as a full- time CO for a decade. While on maternity leave in 2023, Kev decided to take that next step and become a Certified Personal Trainer and a certified pre and post natal fitness specialist, as she believes fitness is an important part of a great physical and mental wealth. She understands that balance, discipline and consistency are key and she is here to help motivate and guide you through your fitness journey. Kev loves heavy lifting and pushing boundaries to build endurance. Kev coaches fitness classes, small group training, virtual challenges and builds custom virtual personal training programs. Least fav exercise: Pull Ups and Step-Ups

Meet the personal trainers on our team

Our Team

Chantelle erickson

Chantelle Erickson, mom of two and founder and OG Be Well Chantelle trainer (but you know that by now), is a leading figure in holistic fitness, specializing in empowering moms through exercise. With over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal specialist, she holds certifications in Pilates, spin, TRX, and Concept2 rowing. An accomplished ultramarathoner and adventurous backpacker, Chantelle's podium finishes and endurance feats highlight her commitment to pushing boundaries. As a freelance contributor for Canadian Running magazine, her insightful narratives resonate with audiences seeking holistic wellness. Chantelle's philosophy emphasizes action-oriented goals over physical appearance, guiding clients toward self-discovery and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an extension on my personal training program?

If you have extenuating circumstances, such as an injury, illness or vacation that takes you away from programming for more than 7 days you will be granted the following:

3 Month Virtual Training Program: Max 2 weeks of extensions
6 Month Virtual Training Program: Max 3 weeks of extensions
12 Month Virtual Training Program: Max 4 weeks of extensions

For example, if you are away for holidays for 1 week, you can have your current block of workouts extended by 1 week or you can ask for a 1 week gap between the next block of workouts for your program. (ie. a week off from training). 
Our trainers program training blocks in either 4 or 8 week sets. 

Can I change trainers part way through my program?

No. The trainer you hire is assigned to you for the full duration of your programming. Please be sure to hire the trainer that best suits your goals and take advantage of our free chemistry call to discover who your best fit may be!

I don’t have much fitness equipment at home, can I still benefit from a virtual personal training program?

Yes. We customize our programs around your available equipment. We recommend having at least two forms of equipment out of the following list: weights, resistance bands, booty bands, stability ball, bench, BOSU, kettlebells, TRX, medicine ball, step with risers, treadmill, row machine, elliptical or barbell with plates. 

I have access to a gym membership, can you build me a program I can use at the gym?

Yes. We would love to build you a program that gives you confidence to step into a gym and know how to execute a workout session. Our programs come with video demos, so that you can confidently set-up and execute exercises using gym equipment. 

Do your programs come with a meal plan?

No. We currently do not offer meal plans, but we offer meal inspiration through the form of shared ideas for food choices, recipes, and suggested food products. Feel free to download the Be Well Guidebook for free on our website, which includes some of our favourite food blogs, food combination ideas for meals and snacks, macros and label reading education and more!

How do you deliver your programs?

We use the program Trainerize to deliver our personal training programs. The app comes with a very user-friendly platform that displays your weekly and daily schedule, daily habits and macro and caloric goals with daily checklists to help you feel accountability to your goals. It also features an in-app messaging system that allows you to chat with your trainer anytime and celebratory milestones every time you lift heavier, complete more workouts, etc. Your trainer receives an email every time you comment in the app, so that they are notified of your correspondence with them. 

Can I get a copy of my program when I am finished with training? 

Yes. At the request of the client, we will send you an email with PDF copies of the following number of workouts per virtual training program (pick your favourites!):

3 Month Virtual Training Program: 5 workouts
6 Month Virtual Training Program: 10 workouts
12 Month Virtual Training Program: 15 workout

What if I miss my monthly scheduled virtual meeting with my trainer?

You receive one 30 minute virtual meeting with your trainer per month, as part of the 6 and 12 month virtual personal training programs. If you happen to miss your session with your trainer it cannot be made up in the subsequent month! We want to ensure that we can be available to meet with all of our clients, so please book at a time that works best for you and reschedule within the same month if needed. Be sure to cancel your meeting with your trainer at least 24 hours prior if you need to reschedule. 

Thanks for coaching me these last two months. It was a great kick to get me back into better habits. I really like the app and the checklist system. I really appreciated that you were there to answer any questions I had. I have never had a fitness coach, or virtual coach before so I wasn’t sure what to expect–but I really loved it. 

It was a great kick to get me back into better habits.

Just wanted to say that this January challenge has been amazing! It’s given me things to focus on, it feels great checking things off my daily list! I just overall appreciate what you do. You manage to connect with so many women and make them feel so seen and cared about. 

Just wanted to say that this January challenge has been amazing!

It gave me accountability to keep going on tough days. I loved the encouraging messages I received from you.

It gave me accountability to keep going on tough days.

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