Be Well Baby Mama offers a fresh approach to pre and postnatal fitness. It's a supportive and inclusive community where mothers are welcomed to bring their babies to classes, fostering an inclusive environment where nursing or comforting a little one is not just accepted but encouraged. Designed to meet the needs of moms at every stage of pregnancy and postpartum recovery, the program provides a safe space for women to prioritize their well-being amidst the challenges of raising children. Beyond physical fitness, Be Well Baby Mama nurtures camaraderie, shared experiences, and mutual support, empowering each mother to navigate her journey with strength, resilience, and confidence.


We are an inclusive and safe space for pre and post natal moms to grow in strength and community.

Meet the trusted trainers on our team

shauna gregus

Shauna, mom of one, has been an active Baby Mama since 2023. Her journey with yoga began after university when she found herself needing direction. From her first yoga class, she fell head over heels for the practice and its transformative power. In 2016, Shauna embarked on her first yoga training, and since then she has continued to deepen her knowledge and skills through studies in India, Vancouver, and Thailand. With a belief that yoga has something to offer every body–physically, emotionally, and mentally–Shauna is passionate about guiding others to unlock their full potential. Shauna teaches pop-up yoga classes on the Baby Mama schedule. 

yoga instructor

KEVYNN marthaller

Kevynn, mom of two, is the very first Baby Mama gone fitness instructor! Kevynn completed her Business Accounting Diploma in 2013 and shortly after realized that desk job was not her dream. She went on to complete her Correctional Diploma in 2015 and has been working as a full- time CO for a decade. While on maternity leave in 2023, Kev decided to take that next step and become a Certified Personal Trainer and a certified pre and post natal fitness specialist, as she believes fitness is an important part of a great physical and mental wealth. She understands that balance, discipline and consistency are key and she is here to help motivate and guide you through your fitness journey. Kev loves heavy lifting and pushing boundaries to build endurance. Kev coaches fitness classes, small group training, virtual challenges and builds custom virtual personal training programs. Least fav exercise: Pull Ups and Step-Ups

fitness instructor

chantelle erickson

Chantelle Erickson, mom of two and founder and OG Be Well Chantelle trainer (but you know that by now), is a leading figure in holistic fitness, specializing in empowering moms through exercise. With over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal specialist, she holds certifications in Pilates, spin, TRX, and Concept2 rowing. An accomplished ultramarathoner and adventurous backpacker, Chantelle's podium finishes and endurance feats highlight her commitment to pushing boundaries. As a freelance contributor for Canadian Running magazine, her insightful narratives resonate with audiences seeking holistic wellness. Chantelle's philosophy emphasizes action-oriented goals over physical appearance, guiding clients toward self-discovery and well-being.

lead fitness instructor


Michele’s journey into fitness began in 2014 when she became a licensed Zumba instructor before moving down to Mexico to work at a resort. When she moved back to Canada, she continued to expand her repertoire by becoming a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and spin instructor, while also adding additional Zumba specialties. She took her STRONG training in 2018, not long after the program was introduced, and has been hooked ever since – STRONG is the perfect blend of the rhythm and party that makes Zumba so fun and the strength and agility training elements of other formats.

Michele is a first time mom to her son, Finn, and a dog mom to her Great Pyrenees, Jake. Michele has loved being a part of the Be Well community and is so excited to be able to share a fitness program that she is so passionate about!

fitness instructor


upcoming events

SIgn up for the challenge

July 1 to August 31
Virtual Challenge
Investment: $99 +GST
  • Bingo card challenge with weekly check-ins and incentives
  • 50 challenges in 60 days at your own pace
  • Effective 20-30 min workouts with video demos
  • Fun fitness challenges
  • Outdoor activity challenges
  • Support local events and businesses challenges
  • Family activity challenges
  • Back-to-school purge and prep challenges
  • Fall calendar organization challenges
  • Travel prep organization challenges


fit and fresh
summer bingo challenge

SIgn up for the challenge

July 2 to August 25, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15- 6:15 pm at the Sugarbowl.
  • 16 evening bootcamp training sessions
  •  8 Week Virtual Personal Training Program
  • Summer Meal Plan
  •  Social events
  • Accountability Coaches
  • Daily check-ins with the whole crew via app

sun. sweat. success

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Baby Mama classes?

Baby Mama classes are pre and postnatal specially designed fitness and wellness sessions tailored for expectant and new mothers. These classes focus on safe exercises, pelvic floor health, strengthening important “mommy muscles “for labor and delivery and postnatal recovery, as well as confidence methods to prepare mothers physically and mentally for childbirth and motherhood.

Chantelle is a certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist with additional certifications in pelvic floor, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and pregnancy and infant loss.

who can attend baby mama classes?

Baby Mama classes are open to all expectant mothers and mothers with at least one child 5 years of age or younger, who have received clearance from their healthcare provider to engage in physical activity during and after pregnancy. Whether you're in your first trimester or nearing your due date, our classes cater to all stages of pregnancy. Classes are NOT recommended during pregnancy if you are just beginning your fitness journey. It is recommended that you have previous experience exercising to take fitness classes while pregnant. 

What if my children are older than five years old, can I still attend Be Well baby mama classes?

We welcome you to attend our 5am Club, Trailblazers, Moms Run Club, Saturday Special and evening pop-up classes! We welcome ALL WOMEN, whether or not you are a dog mom or a mom to older children! If we have space in one of our Baby Mama classes you are welcome to attend, but please note these are geared towards moms with small children.

What can I expect from a Baby Mama class?

Our classes typically include low-impact cardio, strength training, core exercises, stretching and mental strengthening techniques. Each session is led by certified instructors/personal trainers who are knowledgeable about pre and postnatal fitness and are trained to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants.

Modifications are ALWAYS available for moms with pelvic floor concerns, moms with injuries, fatigued moms, and moms who are brand new to exercise, postnatally. All equipment, including mats, are provided for indoor classes. Just bring yourself!

Are Baby Mama classes safe for me and my baby?

Yes, Baby Mama classes are designed with the safety of both you and your baby in mind. Our instructors are trained to provide modifications for different fitness levels and to accommodate any specific needs or concerns you may have during pregnancy. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child stays safe around equipment, at all times, which may mean interrupting your exercise to tend to your children. Your children are your responsibility in class. Children are welcome here.

 How often should I attend Baby Mama classes?

It's recommended to attend Baby Mama classes regularly throughout your pregnancy, if possible and if you have a background in exercise. However, you should listen to your body and consult with your healthcare provider to determine the frequency and intensity of exercise that's appropriate for you. Baby Mama barre and yoga are the gentlest classes on the Baby Mama schedule, as they primarily use body weight and light weights/bands/yoga balls for resistance. ALL CLASSES can be modified for every stage of pregnancy and postnatal fitness.

How often you attend Baby Mama classes depends on your recovery and schedule. Starting with 1-2 classes per week and increasing gradually as you feel stronger is common. During the second trimester, you might attend more frequently, but in the first trimester, symptoms like nausea and exhaustion may limit attendance. In the last trimester, expect modifications and use safe positions with reduced resistance. Listen to your body and prioritize rest and recovery.

Can I attend class without my baby/toddlers?

Yes! If mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or childcare is available to give you an hour to yourself, ABSOLUTELY! We have many moms attend class sans baby/kiddos!

When can I begin attending Baby Mama classes after delivery?

We advise beginning your postnatal fitness journey 6-10 weeks after a vaginal delivery or 8-12 weeks after a cesarean section, once you've received clearance from your healthcare provider to resume physical activity. However, every woman's recovery timeline is different, so it's important to listen to your body and follow your doctor's recommendations. 

Can I baby wear during class?

Yes! We have many moms bring along their carrier in case the baby gets fussy and exercises are modified for those moments. It is advised that you back wear your baby when riding the spin bike, in a structured and not cloth carrier. It is important that your baby’s head is fully supported or that they have the proper neck strength. It is not advised that moms stand up on the spin bike, while baby wearing, but to sit and keep a well-balanced position and ride steady state, keeping baby in a safe position. Loose fabric is not permitted around the spin bike. 

What can I expect from Outdoor Baby Mama classes?

Outdoor Baby Mama classes are the most popular classes on the Baby Mama line-up! You can expect to do some walking/light jogging, be on location or have class “on the go,” make a stop at the park and exercise while the kids play. 

Where do classes take place?

From June to September classes are OUTDOORS. Classes are hosted at Legacy Regional Park and Henderson Lake. Class meets in the parking lot off 13th Street N at Legacy Regional Park and in the small children’s park on South Parkside Drive (across from the Exhibition Grounds) at Henderson Lake. 

During the month of August Baby Mama goes on a “park tour” and every Thursday classes explore a new park, such as Nicholas Sheran, Gyro Park, etc. as a fun experience for the little kids to check out a new park to play on while moms exercise. Class sizes are much larger during the summer and there is no limit on how many children per family can attend.

From October to May classes are INDOORS. Classes are hosted at Lethbridge College inside the studio in the Physical Education building. Participants can park in lot V, P or in the loop near the front entrance. 

Parking Lot Map

Participants may purchase a discounted parking pass for the season as a Baby Mama member, if they are attending more than one class a week, or pay by scanning the available QR codes in the parking lot. We have a discounted parking pass for 2 x a week and 3 x a week attendance. 

It is advised you purchase 1.5 hours of parking time to accommodate before and after class time frames. Parking tickets are $30-40 dollars, so be sure to pay for parking!

ProTip: Save time with the app HonkMobile – it allows you to pay and park in any of our student or daily paid lots.

Can my children bring bikes or scooters during Baby Mama outdoor classes?

Yes! Outdoor classes are just as fun for kids as they are for mamas. We encourage you to bring a bike or a scooter, keeping in mind that the whereabouts and safety of your child is your responsibility. Helmets MUST be worn in class. 

What do I need to bring to outdoor Baby Mama classes?

You are welcome to bring whatever you like! Classes involve the use of strollers often, but you do not have to bring a stroller to attend! Many moms bring toys, snacks, a blanket, etc. for their children.

You must provide your own weights (3-5lb for barre and 5-15lb for bootcamp and circuit/HIIT) and a mat for class. If you have a booty band please bring that as well. All other equipment is provided. 

Can I get a refund on my class pass?

No. There are no refunds on class passes, no exceptions. If the reason is medical, Chantelle requires a physician's note and your pass will be extended once or a credit on file will be issued. Please carefully read class pass expiry dates before purchasing. 

Can I have my pass extended?

Class passes will be extended for extenuating circumstances only. Passes will not be extended for missed attendance due to everyday illness (flu, colds, children’s illness), vacation, lack of childcare, earlier than expected return to work, etc.

We have early morning, Saturday and pop-up evening classes to help you make up missed days of class. 

If you have a concern about your pass you must EMAIL and request a medical or family emergency reason. 

Are five am classes open to non-moms?

Yes! We welcome ALL WOMEN to our programming at the 5am, evening and Saturday class times. Every age and every stage of your fitness journey is welcome to attend.

Where are five am classes located?

From June to September classes are OUTDOORS. 5am Club and Saturday Specials are hosted at the Sugar Bowl (south side). Trailblazers (trail running) have various location meetups (shared with class pre-season).
From October to May classes are INDOORS. Classes are hosted at Lethbridge College inside the studio in the Physical Education building. Participants can park in lot V, P or in the loop near the front entrance. 

What is the class cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy has a 3-hour cancellation window. We are so excited about all the new moms who join Baby Mama and because of the high turnover of new moms we need to ensure we meet as many moms as possible with our classes. If you are sick, forget to cancel or forgot you booked you will lose your class credit if you do not cancel early. 

What can I expect from a Baby Mama class?

Drop-in: Expires 7 days after purchase
5 Class Pass: Expires 6 weeks after FIRST BOOKED CLASS
10 Class Pass: Expires 8 weeks after FIRST BOOKED CLASS
15 Class Pass: Expires 12 weeks after FIRST BOOKED CLASS

What if I do not want to be featured in social media content?

Our waiver clearly states that your photo may be used in social media. If you prefer that you, or that your baby/child, is not featured in social media, please EMAIL to opt out.

I joined this class while pregnant with my 3rd. It was so wonderful to find a place that welcomes the chaos of multiple children. Chantelle knew who I was when I came in and made me feel welcome from day 1. So glad to be a Baby Mama!

CHantelle made me feel welcome from day one.

Baby mama has been one of the best things about my move to Lethbridge! Not only do I feel stronger and more physically fit, I have found a community and I feel empowered. Just love the environment Chantelle has created so much!

Not only do I feel stronger and more physically fit, I have found a community and I feel empowered.

I love the discussions and questions in class that make the peaks and valleys of motherhood a shared experience and allows us to have a network of strong mamas. I came for a workout and left with a community 💛

came for a workout and left with a community.

Attending Baby Mama classes was one of the best parts of my mat leave all those years ago! But you continue to inspire and motivate me years after attending those classes. Thank you for offering at home challenges for us old Baby Mamas 

attending baby mama classes was one of the best parts of my mat leave...

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