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Chantelle Erickson's run coaching takes a holistic approach that goes beyond tracking mileage; it aims to help you reach your full potential as a runner. With her extensive experience as both an ultramarathoner and certified running coach, Chantelle designs personalized training plans tailored to your unique goals, whether you're aiming to complete your first 5K or tackle an ultra-distance race. Her coaching philosophy prioritizes mental toughness, nutrition, injury prevention, and race strategy alongside physical conditioning. With Chantelle's guidance, runners of all levels can build strength, endurance, and confidence, ultimately achieving their dreams on the road or trail.

for the love of running.

Chantelle, known as "the mother runner," has been passionately running for 15 years, initially drawn to the sport for health and wellness. From treadmill beginnings to conquering rugged gravel roads, she found solace and mental wellness in running, embracing its power to foster positive self-image and goal-setting. Transitioning from half marathons post-pregnancy to ultra distances, Chantelle's mantra of "If you can believe it, you can achieve it" propelled her through podium finishes and challenging races. Inspired by backpacking through the Bob Marshall Wilderness, she delved into ultra marathoning, finding endurance her forte and coaching pivotal for success. Despite facing varied obstacles, from injuries to extreme weather, Chantelle's unwavering smile at every finish line reflects her resilience and love for the sport. Beyond running, she immerses herself in fitness instruction, outdoor adventures, and community-building initiatives, embodying a holistic approach to wellness and empowerment.

I could not have done this without Chantelle, she was the best mental and physical coach ever. She held me accountable. She listened, she provided support and then told me to woman-up and continue on. There is no way I could have done this without her there.

there is no way i could have done this without her there.

Accountability was a great motivator. I knew that Chantelle was going to know if I missed any workouts, so I knew I had to get them all done. Chantelle was always quick to get back to me when I had questions, and was reassuring when I had doubts. She was a wonderful coach, and I will recommend her to anyone.    

she was a wonderful coach, and i will recommend her to anyone.

I like that Chantelle held me accountable, but also was very helpful in providing solutions when I felt overwhelmed or thought I would not hit my goals. She helped me adjust goals and mentality and she did not sugar coat what I needed to do if I wanted to hit my goal.

she helped me adjust goals and mentality...

Chantelle motivates and explains well. Always available. Helps me focus on the most important things and checks-in when things are off.

chantelle helps me focus on the most important things...

Chantelle has always been engaging and accessible and supportive, she has always put her runners best interests and welfare first.

chantelle [is] engaging, accessible, and supportive...

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