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We are a full service broker that believe that financial literacy is for everyone, and that you should be empowered to not only understand your finances, but to leverage them.

Empower yourself with essential financial knowledge! Explore life, critical illness, disability, travel and health insurance options, investment strategies, mortgage insights, and vehicle refinancing tips. Secure your financial future today! 

Insurance, Investments, Mortgages, Vehicle Refinancing 

Unlock financial stability. Join Chantelle to learn budgeting, debt reduction planning, increasing income, smart investing, and protecting against life’s setbacks. Start building your path to financial security now! 

Complimentary Financial Education Session

Take control of your finances. Learn the art of budgeting with tools and setting smart financial goals to pave your way to success. Start your journey to financial freedom today.

Build a Budget and Financial Goal Setting

put your money where you mind is.

Chantelle is a licensed financial broker and insurance agent connected to multiple A+ financial companies and banks with the ability to put her clients first. 

Let Chantelle take away the stress and time consuming nature of financial adulting, as she helps you organize your finances and find the best products and services for your financial needs. 

Consider Chantelle your “one stop shop” for all things financial!

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Are you looking for education on specific financial products like life/critical illness/disability insurance, investments, mortgages/refinancing, vehicle refinancing, health benefits or Registered Education Savings Plans?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or looking for a fresh start with your finances?

Are you looking to create a debt-free plan, save for big financial purchases or create a strategy to make sure your family is in the best financial position possible?

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Freedom, Growth, Reward.

Acquire a provincial license; enjoy substantial returns on invested time, be a part of a team embracing the ethos of "self-empowerment with support," and engage in consistent personal and professional development through regular team coaching sessions.

Maintain your current job while establishing a new venture; dictate your own hours, generate passive income, and work remotely from any location.

Start part-time with the potential to transition to full-time; expand your financial expertise through ongoing workshops offered by financial product providers, assist dedicated Canadian families in attaining financial independence

Chantelle has honestly changed my life!! She is like having your own personal financial BFF in your back pocket. She is extremely knowledgeable on many financial topics, from insurance, investing to retirement planning and so much more! You literally have nothing to lose by booking a call with Chantelle and infinite potential to gain. 10/10 recommend!

she is like having your own personal financial bff

I’ve never really understood finances and held the belief that I just “wasn’t good with money.” When I was ready to switch my mindset, Chantelle was there to show me how to make it happen. She helped me see that I’m doing a lot better than I perceived and got my partner and I motivated to sit down and look at our finances together. Now I feel like I’m part of the team when it comes to my family's financial health and I have a great plan in place to reach all of my goals. 

now i have a great plan in place to reach my goals

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